Cambodia Hospital Nutrition Meal Project

It is the wish of all parents to see their children grow healthily and happily. In the remote and less developed areas of Cambodia, parents often have to worry about the health of their children. One of the most fundamental ways to ensure the healthy growth of children is to make sure that they obtain enough nutrition.

For every $100 donated, you can provide access to nutritious meals for the sick child of 1 family.

Purpose of Implementation

Decades after the fall of the Khmer Rouge Regime, many rural areas in Cambodia are still grappling with poverty and underdevelopment. When children living in villages get sick, they have to go a long way into the city hospitals in order to get proper treatment.
To promote healthy growth in children, we partnered with the Angkor Hospital for Children to implement our “Cambodia Hospital Nutrition Meal Project”. From providing nutritious meals to sick children to organizing courses on nutrition knowledge for parents, we aim to ensure that children can receive balanced diets and recover as soon as possible.

Hospital Services

We conduct nutrition assessments to identify children who are considered severely malnutritioned. They will receive care treatment in the hospital until they are recovered. Once they are discharged, volunteers will conduct home visits to follow up on their recovery progresses.

Transferring Health Knowledge

We provide lectures on different aspects of health for parents of children in hospital to consolidate their knowledge about healthy child development, so that children are less prone to sickness in the long term.

Nutritious Meals

We provide locally-available fresh ingredients for hospitals to teach parents different ways to prepare nutritious meals for their children.

Support Services

To alleviate the financial burden of sick children coming from a background of poverty, we provide free meals and hygiene products for families in need, and we also subsidize their transportation to and from their villages.

More than 5023 families have benefited from the Cambodia Nutrition Meal Project.

Let’s witness their life-changing stories with us.

For every $100 donated, you can provide access to nutritious meals for the sick child of 1 family.

Dy Sothat suffered from severe diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration when she sought medical treatment. Therefore, doctors from AHC tailor-made a two-week treatment for her and found out the root cause of her illness.

In September 2017, Borey was admitted to AHC Angkor Children’s hospital. At that time, he was only one year old, weighed only 6.1 kg, and was 67cm tall. His body was very weak, his feet and stomach were swollen, his skin was infected all over, and he suffered from sepsis. After diagnosis, he was found to have protein deficiency syndrome (Kwashiorkor).