Make This Christmas Meaningful by Giving a Gift of Love

慶祝聖誕同時行善 讓佳節倍添意義


Christmas season has finally arrived! Have you ever considered making this Christmas a meaningful one

by giving a gift that could bring blessings to your beloved ones while helping those in need?


This Christmas, “Lee Gardens” and “Nike” are fundraising to support “A Drop of Life” in very unique ways,

giving you the chance to help villagers who lack access to safe dinking water from afar while celebrating Christmas.


1. “A Drop of Life”x “Lee Gardens”: Special Festive Blessings

From December 7th onwards until 26th, when you spend designated amounts at Children’s Fashion and Lifestyle Goods merchants within Lee Gardens Two and Three,

you can exchange a Christmas snowflake ornament gift box.

For every gift box exchanged, Lee Gardens will donate HK$50 to “A Drop of Life”.

On top of that, if you uploaded a photo of our “Christmas Starlight Corridor” or “Hello! Santa Claus” to Facebook or Instagram,

and tagged us with #leegardenshk and #LGdropoflife, Lee Gardens will also donate an extra HK$50 for every post.


“A Drop of Life” x “Nike Air Max 270” x Stephanie Au

Starting from today, when you visit the Kicks Lounge Nike shop in Times Square,

and purchase a pair of limited edition Air Max 270 Box Set (HK$1,799) designed by “A Drop of Life Ambassador” Stephanie Au,

Nike will donate HK$500 to “A Drop of Life”, and an extra donation of HK$500 to support water projects.

Each Box Set include a shoe box that is designed with the theme of “Water” and a signed Thank You card by Stephanie Au!


The design of this pair of special edition of AIR MAX 270 is inspired by the shape of sparkling waves, with silver glittering elementscomplementingthe white colour of the shoes.

Aside from signifying the importance of “water”to Stephanie as a professional swimmer,

The pair of shoes also carries the message that assess clean drinking water is a basic human rights.

Your generous support can help bring safe drinking water to those in need in developing countries, making this pair of shoes even more meaningful.