"Chinese New Year Goodie Bag 2019" has Successfully Concluded!



We wish everyone happiness and good luck in the Year of the Pig!

The “Chinese New Year Goodie Bag 2019” event organized by “A Drop of Life” has just concluded days ago.
We were honoured to have the support of many enthusiastic volunteers, who visited different communities in Hong Kong with us these few days.
In total, we visited 4,139 handicapped and elderlies living alone, sharing the joy of New Year with them.

 The “bright red” goodie bag does not only hold daily necessities,
but also carries with it the blessings from all those who donated to our event. We hope that everyone will have a happy and fruitful year ahead.

 During some of the visits,our volunteers organized group games to involve the beneficiaries, and even “invited” the “God of Wealth”!
Our ambassadors, Alex Fong andStephanie Au, and even the singer Lesley Chiangwere also there as volunteers
to bring joy to our beneficiaries!

New Year is an important festival that the Chinese especially value.
Delivering goodie bags during this festival is not only giving our beneficiaries daily necessities,

but also giving care to those in need, and spread love to different part of the society.

The goodie bag had successfully concluded with the help and generous support fromall donors, corporate partners and volunteers.
We look forward to seeing you next year!