A Drop of Life Charity Walk 2019


Bringing clean water to the underprivileged while travelling

In year 2019, "A Drop of Life"will continue our tradition of Charity Walk, giving you a chance to bring a change to the world while travelling to new places.
We cordially invite you to come explore with us the mountain ranges ofGeorgiaandDanba Dangling, giving you a chance
to immerse yourself in local culture and lifestyle while fundraising for the underprivileged by walking.

Charity Walk in Georgia (July 9th – 26th)

A Drop of Life”will bring you to explore this small Eurasian Country, hiking across and appreciating the beauty of the Caucasus mountain range.
During this trip, we will also visit local winery to have a taste of their famous red wine; visit different world heritage sites;
and visit underprivileged families affected by wars.


Charity Walk in Danba Dangling ((October 5th – 13th)

Come with us on a off-the-beaten-track hike across the Danba Dangling mountain range and admire the autumn colours of the “Hulu (Gourd)” Sea.
You can choose to stay in the homestay of the Tibetan community in Danba, immersing yourself in traditional Tibetan culture.
On top of that, we will also visit students in local schools
to understand the daily challenges of children living in mountain regions.



Funds raised through the Charity Walk events will be used in Cambodia and Nepal for our “Wash, Sanitation, and Hygiene” program.It will be used to build water purifiers in schools, which include sanitation facilities such wash basins and soaps. At the same time, persona hygiene education class will be introduced to help students cultivate habits of washing hands.


We look forward to your participation, supporting those in need from afar in a unique and meaningful way