COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention


Let us join hands to fight against the epidemic and overcome the challenges ahead

While the new coronavirus epidemic is raging across the world, we refuse to just sit and let it affect us. Last month, we visited different local communities and distributed epidemic prevention supplies to people in need, bringing people together and also hope to the community.

Attention to personal hygiene is the first priority in fighting against the epidemic. However, when the amount of face masks is short in supply and their prices continue to rise, many low-income families were not able to afford such an important necessity. Some people had to reuse face masks by washing, and some had to use the same mask for over a week. For frontline workers, epidemic prevention supplies are even more in demand. It is worrying to see these situations happening within our communities.

Fortunately, with the generous support of many kind-hearted citizens, we were able to collect 77,950 pieces of face masks1,461 pieces of hand sanitizers , and 1,350 packs of rice,and successfully delivered these supplies to 19 local organizations , which will then be distributed to people in need. Our volunteers also took this opportunity to explain the precautions for epidemic prevention to those in need, trying their very best to minimize the threat of the epidemic in local communities.

Let us take extra steps to keep ourselves safe, and to spread love and care to people around us.

We sincerely thank all those who donated and supported the event.
You made it possible for us to spread love and hope by helping those most in need.