A Drop of Life Flag Day 2020

點滴全港賣旗日 2020

A Drop of Life has originally planned to have a flag selling day on July 15th, 2020, but due to the uncontrolled situation of COVID-19, we have decided to fundraise through online souvenir sale instead of selling flags on the streets.

From today onward until July 15th, we cordially invite you to donate by purchasing our special edition souvenirs, which include items such as Panda-A-Panda Gold Flag Set and Panda-A-Panda Water-absorbant Umbrella Bag.




Your generous support is especially valuable to us during this tough time. We will continue to organize local community services in Hong Kong and provide daily necessities to underprivileged groups. At the same time, we will continue building clean water facilities in developing countries, bringing safe drinking water to more people in need. We hope that we can continue our mission to spread love and hope to different corners of the world amidst times of uncertainties.