Mid-Autumn COVID-19 Relief Bag 2020

【中秋防疫福袋 2020】月圓共聚 疫中有您

The Mid-Autumn Festival is supposed to be a heart-warming day for people to reunite, but with the COVID-19 epidemic raging around the world, we find ourselves not only unable to spend time with our friends and relatives, but also constantly worried about obtaining resources such as face masks and hand sanitizers.

This year, we especially organized the “Love in the Time of Full Moon and Coronavirus” Mid-Autumn COVID-19 Relief Bag donation event as a way to send blessings and care to the elderlies and handicapped. By donating to our event, you can help the underprivileged groups to obtain the necessities they need to overcome the challenges posed by the epidemic.

Under the new regulations that prohibit social gatherings in groups, we are unable to invite volunteers to deliver the relief bags in person to those in need this year. Nonetheless, we have delivered all our kind thoughts and supplies to the staff of community centers, special education schools, and rehabilitation homes, and they would help us deliver the resources to those in need.



Donate Now

Epidemic prevention supplies Food and Daily Necessities
Adult Face Mask 4,000 boxes Mooncake 3,120 pieces
Children Face Mask 440 boxes Rice 2,790 packs
Household Hand Sanitizer 4,000 pieces Biscuits 4,000 packs
Portable Sanitizing Spray 4,000 pieces Vitamin C Gummies 750 packs
Portable Hand Sanitizer 4,000 pieces Tissue Paper 8,000 packs
Disinfecting Wet Wipes 4,000 packs Recycle Bag 4,000 pieces
Bleach 1,000 pieces Toys, Books, and Stationery 600 pieces
Epidemic Prevention Hat 3,250 pieces

We look forward to your participation

Let’s bring warmth to those in need during this special festival

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