“Mid-Autumn COVID-19 Relief Bag 2020" Has Successfully Concluded

[中秋防疫福袋 2020]  圓滿結束

「月圓共聚 疫中有您」

In the midst of a global health crisis, can we still move forward?

During Mid-Autumn Festival every year, A Drop of Life would visit local communities to distribute goodie bags to the underprivileged. Even though COVID-19 has affected our day to day lives, it should not deter us from continuing to pass on our love. This year, we have experimented with different ways to organize our events, such as using ZOOM online conferencing platform to play games with students with special educational needs, and distributing the goodie bags within service centers.

Although the form of visit has changed, the smiles of our beneficiaries and the kindness of our donor remained the same. We can still feel everyone’s joy behind the masks.

It is unfortunate that we were not able to deliver the goodie bags personally with our volunteers, but with your support and the help from local community centres, we have successfully delivered 4200 goodie bags to those who are in need. 4,200個福袋 傳遞到他們手上,一同度過了愛意滿瀉的中秋佳節。

Thank you for your generous support during this global health crisis

Providing blessings and warmth to 4200 people in need

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