Chinese New Year COVID-19 Relief Bag 2021

【新春防疫福袋 2021】迎春迎福迎安康


During the past year, we organized numerous community visits with our volunteers to distribute epidemic prevention supplies to those in need. However, as the situation of the epidemic continues to fluctuate, many elderly centres were forced to close. A lot of elderlies were left alone and without support, making them feel more isolated than ever before.

Therefore, during this Chinese New Year, we especially organized an epidemic relief bag distribution event to show care and spread love to elderlies in need. By using the“non-contact” methodto distribute the bags, we hope to ensure the safety of both the elderlies and our volunteers while showing the spirit of mutual help and support during this difficult time!


Supplies in the relief bag include:

Epidemic prevention supplies Face masks, portable disinfection spray, portable hand sanitizers, disinfecting wet wipes
Food Mushroom, rice, noodles, biscuits, canned baked beans, soup packets, Chinese New Year couplets, reusable bag

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