Child Development Project

Empowering young people to change the world

Children are the pillars of our future society, and they are also the most in need of protection. They rely on the nurturing and guidance of adults in order to grow up. However, children living poverty might not be treated fairly. To help them get out of poverty, it is necessary to educate them from an early age and help them cultivate good hygiene habits. We hope to give every child a good growing environment and ensure that they can have the opportunity to advance in education, regardless of their backgrounds.

School Rebuild

For children in the rural part of developing countries, education is their key to poverty reduction. However, their schools are usually located far away from major transportation arteries, and school facilities are often poorly maintained because of limited resources.


Therefore, we partner with schools that are in need of redevelopment, conduct environmental assessment and field visits, and design a new campus based on our research.

Nutritious Meal Program

Cambodia has developed rapidly since the Khmer Rouge, but many rural villagers are still living under poverty. In Cambodia, 1 out of every 3 children is malnourished. This number is far more serious than we thought. Therefore, we cooperate with Angkor Children’s Hospital and some remote schools to implement the nutritious meal program. From providing nutritious meals to organizing nutrition knowledge classes for parents, we strive to ensure that children can receive balanced diets and grow healthily.