Corporate Partnership

Over the years, we have established good and collaborative relationships with various organizations and brands, and organized trailer-made charity fundraising events to benefit more people in need. These events also help our partners build positive brand images, fulfill their social responsibilities, and give back to the society.

Corporations can collaborate with us through the following ways

Sponsor Our Events

Every year, we organize the charity run competition “Race for Water” and the charity walk event “A Drop of Life Walk & Run” that attract thousands of participants and volunteers. It requires an immense pool of resources to support the smooth-running of our annual reports. Other than cash sponsorships, we also welcome services and supplies sponsorships.

Donation events or product income

Companies and organizations organize various publicity and celebration events every year, including annual dinners, brand promotion events, and all kinds of celebration etc. We provide the options for our partners to either donate their event income or convert some of their gifts into donations to support our charity projects, making their events more meaningful and memorable.

Organize Fundraising Events

We can plan with companies and organize charity events that are coherent to the company’s image. Events can be carried out in different forms to increase flexibility. You can also place our donation collection boxes at your office or reception area etc., so that the public can easily donate to us.

Become Our Corporate Volunteer

Each year, many volunteers are needed to help with our fundraising events and local community services. If companies and organizations are interested in promoting the culture of social responsibility and encourage employees to give back to the society, we welcome you to participate in our volunteer work as a way to spread love and care in communities.